Saturday, April 2, 2011

Our "Grown Up" Room

When Jacob and I bought our house, I was a little intimidated.  I have never lived a "nice" place before, and, thus, didn't have "nice" things to put in it.  Most of our stuff is odds and ends that came together when Jacob and I did.  None of it is really "matchy" (except for my family room couch set that my parents split with me as a college graduation gift... but that was about 6 years ago now) and there is definitely no "theme" or anything like that to what we own.  Plus, because our house has so much more space than any of the other places we've lived before, we didn't have enough furniture to furnish it!

I know that I wanted the "great room" to be divided into a "formal" living room area and a dining room, but I only had a kitchen table to fill the space when we moved in.  I was determined to get nice, new, grown up furniture (at a good deal of course). 

After a few months of shopping around, ordering, and piecing things together, I would now like to present our living room. =)

Ignore the big boxes... that's currently "kitty play area". =)

My original goal was to use our tax return money to furnish the room, however, since we did not get a refund (boo!) I had to make some decisions... i.e. what furniture was important enough to me to go into a little debt for.. I chose living room over dining room, but the cost wasn't that bad (I'm a big of a bargain shopper), and I still have my eyes out for a nice dining room set on Craigslist (which I love!).

I am very happy with the way this room turned out.  Maybe I am capable of decorating like an adult. =)

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Jillreigh said...

It looks great!! I love the colors you used.