Sunday, June 26, 2011

One for the Record Books

This has been the best weekend that I've had in quite a long time... why?  Because I didn't do ANYTHIING!

Well, that's not exactly true.  I did get all dressed up on Friday night and went out dancing with the girls (that was pretty amazing and was a long time coming), but Jacob and I didn't have anything planned for yesterday or today.

A little pre-party self-photo shoot. =)

On the dance floor with my girls!
Our weekends have been booked for months now it seems, with either household projects, trips out of town, and, for the last couple of months, Sunday afternoon softball games (we joined a league for the spring).  These activities are, in themselves, greatly enjoyable, but they add up.  And after months of not getting a weekend to simply relax and "reboot", I can really start to feel the effects.

This weekend I sat outside and read a book, I went browsing at a craft store, I watched a movie and did a little laundry, I worked on art projects and organizational projects that I've been putting off doing... but, most importantly, I didn't have a to-do list, or something on my calendar, and it felt great!  Right now I'm sitting outside in my new lounger (bought yesterday when I realized I didn't have anything to sit in when I had time to relax and read a book outside! lol) looking out at my backyard, feeling the nice summer breeze (finally!) and listening to the birds chirp.  This is bliss.

Next weekend Jacob and I headed to the coast to go camping with a few friends.  I'm thankful for both the fact that it's a long weekend, and that I will be forced to not do anything for a few days as I sit around a campsite, read a book, walk on the beach and watch the fireworks.  It will also be the anniversary of Jacob's proposal... and soon our wedding anniversary will be here.  I have some great plans in celebration of that, but that's for another day. =)

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