Thursday, June 16, 2011

Sometimes I Wish I'd Married a Woman

How does this look?

Should I wear the purple scarf or the green one?

Which shoes go better with this outfit?

I'm not sure about these earrings, what do you think?

 These are common questions that come out of my mouth... aimed at Jacob. 

Jacob is not fashion conscious (self admitted).  But I don't have any other options for advice when I'm getting ready in the morning!  I did, after all, choose to marry a guy! =)  He tries though.  He gives me an opinion, i.e. the green scarf, and, alas 90% of the time I go with the purple one.

He called me out on it a while back.  I asked him a question similar to those above, and, instead of answering, he said, "you're just going to end up choosing the other one, aren't you?" 

This got me thinking a bit.  I don't want to make him feel like his opinions don't matter (even in silly situations like this), and I also don't want to set him up for failure (i.e. ask him for an opinion on something I've already made a decision about... consciously or not).  So, I'm trying to do better.  Several times now I have gone with his suggestion (even when, I probably would have chosen the other way) and I'm trying to limit the times I ask his opinions to those times that I really, truly want it.

I want us to be able to talk about, and make decisions together when it comes to the big things, and, I feel like in order to do this we need to start small. I do value his opinions... I just need to make sure that he knows it, which means wearing the earrings he picks out from time to time. =)

Is this a common situation in anyone else's house?  Are you lucky enough to have a guy who craves giving fashion advice?  I KNOW there are several male fashionistas out there! =)

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Meghan C said...

Considering Carl was sporting taper leg jeans when I met him, I try not to ask him his advice when it comes to fashion :-)

What I started doing most recently is have him take pictures of me in the outfits I'm trying to choose between and then I look at the pictures to make my decision.