Friday, June 3, 2011

What is THAT Thing?

What is that round yellow thing?  Is that... could it possibly be?  SUNSHINE?

After a long, wet spring-ter (the season after Christmas that is never really one or the other) we may FINALLY be seeing a little summer foreshadowing in the Pacific Northwest!  I am SOOO happy!  Today I came home from work and thinned my garden, planted flowers, weeded and watered... all in an hour!  I never have that sort of energy!  I'm actually sitting here thinking about what else I can do this weekend in the yard. =)

I used to hate yard work.  I was not an "outdoor" kid.  I would have rather stayed inside reading a book than hang out in the garden helping my dad plant tomatoes, but I have recently discovered that something changes when it's YOUR yard.  Suddenly, I'm concerned about how tall the grass is, and how many weeds are in the garden.  I am thinking about all the things I'd like to do with the landscaping and what kind of vegetables I want to plant in my garden.  I am no longer satisfied spending time inside reading a book.  I want to be outside with my gardening gloves on DOING something.

When did I become a grown up?

One of our gifts from our housewarming/Memorial Day BBQ last weekend

Our front door

Another floral housewarming gift

I LOVE Color!!

Look at my garden grow!

My lettuce is starting to look like lettuce!  Soo excited!

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Josie said...

I love this weather!!!

Oh and I'm impressed with your gardening. Somehow when we got a house I never got the urge to garden. Well, I sort of did but I suck at it. lol. Maybe I'm still not a grownup yet...