Tuesday, November 15, 2011

18 Weeks

Size of baby: According to babyzone.com, baby’s about the size of a grapefruit!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Haven't weighed myself this week.  I think I'll wait a bit longer. =)

Maternity Clothes: Been wearing a lot more maternity pants but still regular shirts.  I can still get away with regular pants, but they dig into my gut when I'm sitting down. =(

Gender: Could be a girl... or a boy.=)

Movement:  Nothing!  I'm getting kinda antsy!  I think this was suppose to be happening by now?

What I miss: Sushi.  I really want sushi.  And liquor. lol

Sleep:  Sleeping a bit better.  I'm still a bit sick, but I'm clearing up a bunch now.  I got myself one of those daylight wake up lamps... I'm hoping that will help with my mood/energy level in the mornings.

Symptoms: I think I'm getting a lot more round ligament pain recently... especially when I got really excited at the hockey game this weekend. lol

Cravings: I want sushi... and liquor. lol  I think I noted this already. =)

Best Moment this week: We went to a hockey game on Friday.  It was nice to do something out of the ordinary.  And it was a good, enjoyable game!

What I am looking forward to:  Everything to come.  It's going to be a pretty wild ride from here on out I have a feeling!


Lauren said...

Don't remember the exact week I felt it with my first, but I'm pretty sure it was in the early 20's. There a lot of variances with how soon people feel movement.

SG to SP said...

I didn't start to feel really noticeable movements until around 20 weeks. Good chance you are feeling them and just don't realize that's what it is.

Jennifer Williams said...

Can I just say I am getting antsy waiting to hear boy or girl :)

AmyJean {Relentless Bride / Fry, The Baby} said...

I felt my first flutter early but then nothing for weeks, i think you may start to feel them soon... don't worry! :)