Saturday, February 25, 2012

No Sushi, No Alcohol, No... Sugar?? Please NO!

I was TERRIFIED to take my glucose test to test for gestational diabetes a few weeks back.. for a couple of reasons.  1) I HATE having my blood drawn.  I knew that the original test was a blood draw, and I was prepping myself to deal with that, but I had also heard about the FOUR draws that need to happen for the re-test if I don't pass the first one.  I was NOT happy about that prospect!  And, 2) I love me some sugar!  Chocolate is really my only true vice, and the thought of having to give up something else that I love so much at such a hard time in my pregnancy (chocolate is a comfort food for me) did not sound like something I wanted to do.

At my regular OB appointment before the test date, I was given a bottle of orange liquid to drink an hour before the test, and given instructions on what (not) to eat that morning:  no carbs or sugar, and eat high levels of protein.  My friends told me that they hadn't changed their diet and didn't think it was a big deal, but, for me and my fears, this was  HUGE deal, so i followed the doctor's orders to a tee. 

After the blood was drawn I was told that if I failed the test I'd get a call asap to schedule a re-test, but if I passed, I'd get a letter in the mail. 

I didn't hear ANYTHING.  So I took this as a good sign. ;)  A couple of weeks later at my next OB appointment, my doctor told me that my levels were good and there was nothing to worry about.  Thank goodness!

Bring on the chocolate! And throw away the needles! lol

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