Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Our Last "Babymoon"

Back in November you may remember that Jacob and I went on a "babymoon" to a snowy, lakeside cabin.  I love to travel/vacation and that one trip before the baby comes just wasn't enough.  So, this last weekend Jacob and I drove up to Long Beach, Washington for a weekend in a condo on the beach.  It was WONDERFUL!  The sun was shining.  I felt so calm and relaxed.  It was great.  We even went horseback riding!  Yes!  Pregnant lady on a horse! lol  Here's some photos from our trip.

My GIANT horse!  I'm 5'10" for comparison purposes

While on vacation I also forced Jacob into some tripod-self-timed maternity shots. =)

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Jennifer Williams said...

This picture's turned out Beautiful!! I can't wait until your maternity shoot :) and of course the baby shower!! So exciting