Thursday, July 5, 2012

Back to Reality

I have been back to work (part-time) for four weeks now.  It was really weird going back to the office because it WASN'T weird.  I felt like I'd never left.  After two months away, everything just picked up where it left off... except I had a kid's picture on my desk, and a breast pump under it that I have to remember to use 2-3 times each day.

For the first two weeks Emily stayed here at home with her grandmas.  Jacob's mom watched her the first week (she lives near by) and my mom came to visit the second week to spend some time with her granddaughter while she (my mom) is on summer break.  The third week Emily started day care.

We totally lucked out with our daycare provider, who has been a friend of my mom's for over 30 years and who I've known my entire life.  She just happens to run an in-home day care just five miles from our home, and had an opening when we needed it.  =)

It's been interesting having to figure out my schedule and logistics for getting myself and Emily up, fed, dressed and out the door by such an early hour.  And then get her picked up, home, fed (a couple times) and to bed in the evenings.  This is what our day looks like:

6:15 -- My alarm goes off.  Usually I'm already awake feeding Emily breakfast or have been (and went back to bed for a half hour or so) by this time.  If Emily is awake, she hangs out in bed with her dad while I take a shower and do my morning bathroom/breakfast/get dressed routine.  If she's asleep, Jacob gets some extra zzzz's.

6:30 -- Jacob's alarm goes off.  He hits snooze.

7:00ish -- I get bottles, pump, diaper bag and work bag ready and next to the door.

7:15 -- Jacob gets up.  Emily is usually back to sleep by now... or just waking up again.  Either way, I'm on-call baby duty.

7:30 -- Jacob goes to work.  If I remember, I ask him to take the various bags out to the car for me (so I'm not carrying 4 bags and a baby out the door!)  I try to check my e-mail/facebook/blogs/etc... though usually end up getting Emily who wakes up again about this time.

7:40 -- If Emily hasn't woken up yet, I wake her up, get her dressed and feed her.

7:50 -- I change Emily's outfit as she has, without fail, poop-sploded all over the place while eating her breakfast.

7:55 -- I put my work-shirt on (I leave this to the very last minute to (hopefully) avoid getting spit-sploded on).

8:00 -- We leave the house for day care.

8:15 -- Drop Emily off at day care, leave my car there and walk a couple blocks to catch the bus to work.

9:15 -- Arrive at work.  Pump before clocking in at 9:30.

12:30 -- Pump again, eat lunch.

3:00 -- Pump again.

5:00 -- Off work, catch the bus back to day care.

5:30 -- Jacob arrives at day care, gets Emily, leaves his car and drives mine (with the car seat) home.

5:50 -- I get to day care, drive Jacob's car home.

6:10 -- Get home, play with Emily.

7:30 -- Attempt to put Emily to bed.

8:00 -- If attempt was successful, make and eat dinner and watch some TV with Jacob.

9:30 -- Wash bottles/pump.  Getting bottles ready for the next day.

10:00 -- Get ready for, and go to, bed.

And then I start the whole thing over again the next day. 

Since I decided to work out my maternity leave so that I could ease back into it, I'm currently working 20 hours/week, 3 days/week (Tuesday-Thursday).  Starting the second week of August I'll be back full-time and will need to leave the house 30 minutes early (about).  I think I can make it work without having to get up any/much earlier, it just means I'll have a little less *me* time in the morning, and that Emily will need to get out of bed a bit earlier. 

So far we are managing ok.  I think that day care has been good for Emily, even just in the two weeks that she's been going.  She even slept through the night one night last week!  She hasn't done it since, but I always go to bed with my fingers crossed. =)  Now that she has "friends" to play with, I almost feel bad on Mondays and Fridays when it's just her and I at home.  I don't think I'm exciting or stimulating enough for her. lol  But she puts up with me!

Portrait of Emily by one of her daycare friends!

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