Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Weekend of Babies!

This weekend was all about babies and birth in general... and it was a blast!

First, on Saturday I was able to attend a good friend's baby shower.  She's due in about a month and I'm so excited to see the adorable little guy or girl that she and her husband are sure to produce!  =)

Then on Sunday Jacob and I hosted a BBQ for my "Moms Group".  When I was pregnant I joined a Pregnancy support group via Meetup.com.  It was one of the best things I did during my pregnancy because it allowed me to meet other women going through the same things as me, and it gave me a forum to bitch/complain/ask questions/advice to others who understood me on a completely different level than my other friends and family members.  Now, almost a year after I joined the group, we have all had babies, and on Saturday several of them came over for a potluck BBQ and to play with Emily. =)

After all of Emily's new friends went home, her Nana and Papa came over for ANOTHER BBQ and to celebrate her Papa's birthday.  Emily also took the opportunity to play around in her new swimming pool.

It was a good weekend! =)  I'm we are all so excited that the weather is FINALLY starting to get summery!

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