Monday, July 23, 2012

Three Months!

Weight/Length- No official doctor's weigh in this month, but our home scale says that you're about 14.3 lbs!  You'll probably be double your birth weight by this time next week! =)

Eating- You definitely prefer boob to bottle.  You eat so well when you are home with mom, but not so much at day care.  Right now you're only averaging about 8 oz per day... one day you didn't eat AT ALL!  I guess you figured that you'd just wait for the fresh stuff. =P  Stresses mommy out, but you're doing fine otherwise, so I guess I'll try to just let you do your own thing here.

Sleep- You are rocking this sleep thing!  (I almost hate to put it out in the world and risk jinxing it!)  Going to bed for the night anywhere between 8 and 9 usually and then not waking up until 4-5.  I love that you get 8 hours or so of sleep... I just wish that your 8 corresponded with our 8, too. ;)  Usually when you wake up at 4-5 you're pretty good about going back to sleep until about 7 or 8.  This weekend you slept until 10:15!  (after waking up at 4 and then again at 7).  Even though it wasn't in one long stretch, it was still pretty fantastic to not get up until so late on a Sunday morning again!

 Clothes- You're wearing a variety of clothing sizes right now.  Some of your 0-3 month stuff still fits, but it's mostly too small.  Some of your 3-6 month stuff fits, but some of it is too short. lol  You are mostly in 3-6, with some 6-9s thrown in there.  So, I guess on average you're wearing about 6 month clothes. =)

Personality- Generally speaking, you're a pretty happy baby... especially first thing in the morning.  You are SOO happy to see me when I come in to get you!  It's an awesome feeling to see you smile so big when you see me!  You're trying really hard to laugh now, and I can't wait until I get to hear it!

-You like to be high up and moving... which means that mom walks around the house with you in her arms a LOT!
-You like to play with the stuffed octopus on your play mat.  You are starting to grab him with all fours these days!
-You like to look at trees... whether it's from your car seat on road trips or in your stroller when we're walking... you're going to love hanging out in nature just like your parents! 
-You like to look out at the world and would much rather be carried so you're facing outward and seeing what there is to see!

-You are not a fan of riding in the car.  You will put up with it for a short period of time, and you will fall asleep if you're tired, but if you're awake and you're in there for more than 15 minutes, you will let us know that you aren't happy... unless someone is in the back seat to play with you.
-You don't like sitting still... you want to be constantly moving.  Momma doesn't get to many couch-cuddle-nap sessions anymore. =(
-You are also not a big fan of wearable baby carriers.  We have a couple that we've tried, and have found one that you'll stand, but you'd just prefer having mom or dad's arms around you.

-You are starting to consciously reach for and grab things.  When I realized that you were actually grabbing things on purpose I almost cried.  You're growing up so fast!
-You're drooling up a storm!  I'm worried that there are teeth coming soon!
-You started day care this month.  You seem to enjoy it... and you sleep a lot better at night on day care days... all that extra stimulation and other kids to play with must be good for you!
-This month you had your first 4th of July!  I slept through the fireworks... ALL of them! Even those big ones that went off in our neighborhood before and after the 4th.
-This month you also had your first solo road trip with mom.  You slept the WHOLE time!  It was fantastic!   

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