Thursday, July 5, 2012

Emily's First Fourth of July

She slept through it.  Sorta. =)

Jacob and I both had the day off, and I was hoping to get some errands done but, of course, everything was closed for the holiday.  So we decided to check out a local movie theater that had a "Mommy Matinee" show during the week.  The tagline is: "Moms, dads, grandparents, nannies and their babies are welcome. Let the kids fuss – we don’t mind!"  We figured that this was probably the best opportunity to see how Emily would do in a movie theater... go somewhere with other babies, and at a discounted cost!

We say "Dark Shadows".  The movie was decent, and Emily was awesome.  She slept through the first quarter of the movie, bounced around on our laps for the middle half, and slept through the last quarter.  She really only fussed a little bit when she got bored, but she was easily distracted by Alice Cooper on the big screen. =)

After the movie we headed home for a little bit, and then out to Jacob's folks sailboat docked in a marina on the Columbia, where we BBQ'd dinner, got Emily to go to sleep (soothing a screaming baby in a sailboat is difficult... more on everyone in the boat than the baby), and then sat on the boat and watched all of the fireworks going off in Washington (just on the other side of the river), and the show that the local marinas did together.  (Jacob and I have both been surprised over the course of the last few days how good Emily is at sleeping through loud noises.  Even tonight we have LOUD fireworks going off in our neighborhood, and she's sound asleep!) All in all, we had a pretty good holiday! 

Emily's first movie!

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