Thursday, August 23, 2012

Four Months!

Weight/Length- 14 lbs, 9 oz and 24.5" long!  =)  50 percentile in both areas.  Yay for "average"! lol

Eating- Getting much better at bottle feeding... you're now eating 9-12 oz a day at daycare... which is causing mom to struggle to keep up with you.    Trying all kinds of things to increase my milk production, but, as of now, I'm worried that you may not make it to the 6 month mark as an exclusive breast feeder. =(

Sleep- You like your sleep... and I appreciate that. =)  You're going to bed at roughly 7:30 pm, waking up once or so before 5 or 6 am, and then you usually go back to sleep until 7 or 8 if we let you (i.e. it's a weekend and I don't have to get you ready for day care).  The past week you haven't slept as well as you haven't been feeling good, but last night you slept from 7:30-6, so I think it's getting better. =)

 Clothes- Still wearing a variety of clothing sizes, but mostly 3-6 months.

Personality- You are going to be a mover and a talker!  You are a real wiggle worm right now and LOVE to kick your legs!  You are really starting to enjoy the water (tub and baby pool).  You are also trying out your voice with some really adorable "talking" sounds.  It's going to be really weird when you actually start to form "word" sounds!

-You like, no, you LOVE to kick around naked! lol  Whether it's on the floor or in the pool.  If your diaper is off, you're ready to party. Hope this isn't foreshadowing. lol
-You like to explore your surroundings via your stroller or your Snugli.  You get bored when you stay at home, inside all day.
-You like to suck on your fingers, your fists, blankets, mom and dad's fingers, toys, pretty much anything that you can get in your mouth... and you drool all over EVERYTHING.
-You like the wind blowing in your face, whether that be from a fan, the wind outside, or dad blowing on you.
-You like playing with your feet.

-You don't like sitting still in front of the computer with dad... which means that dad gets to spend less time staring at a monitor.  ;)
-You don't like either of the other two carriers that mom has that are actually comfortable for mom... nope, you scream until you get your Snugli.
-You don't like being on your belly... but you have just learned how to roll over onto it and you do it all the time... and then you scream about it.  I flip you over, and you do it all over again!

-You can roll over!!

-You went to your first bachelorette party... more about that later! =)
-You were sick for the first time.  Stomach bug of some sort... mommy REALLY didn't like that! =(
-Participated in your first Relay for Life!
-You're starting to "talk".  Not forming any real words yet, but starting to test out your vocal cords with real noises!  You talk to the curtains in your nursery a LOT when mommy's feeding you! 

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