Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Relay for Life

This post is quite late... by almost a month.  Oops. =)  And I realized that I haven't blogged anything in about two weeks.  My excuse?  I've been busy... and lazy.  Mostly lazy. lol

Anyway... this year Emily participated in her first Relay for Life.  Cancer has effected my family in a big way, and events like this really hit home for me.  The last couple of years I have a joined a team of family/friends and this year Emily got to "walk" the track, too.  (It's funny to think that next year she will ACTUALLY be able to walk the track!).

Excited to get started!

All lotioned up and ready to go!

Quick family photo

Got there during the "mascot" lap

It's a hard life. lol

Making friends wherever she goes!

Mommy-daughter moment. =)
That little "friend" of Emily's in the photo above is almost exactly one year older than Emily... meaning that that will be Em next year...  Crazy!

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