Sunday, August 5, 2012

Out and About

I've been trying to force myself to get out of the house more with Emily... both to get things done as well as to prove to myself that I can handle it and that the world isn't going to crumble if she cries in public.  So far it's been going pretty well.  She's getting better... as long as I don't cut into a nap. =)  Over the last few days we have gone clothes shopping (for both of us), to the dry cleaner, to the bank, to see Jacob at work, on a couple of walks around the block, to the hospital to visit Jacob's dad, and, today, to the farmer's market... which included Emily's first experience on public transportation (something that was definitely giving me a bit of anxiety--melting down in an enclosed space with a captive audience does not sound like something I want to deal with).  She was a fan of the streetcar (as long as it was moving, she didn't like it when it stopped for a light. lol  She's a real Portland commuter now!

It's so awesome to see her experiencing and learning about the world.  Her huge eyes taking everything in... you can just see the wonder and curiosity.  I love it!  Every day she's getting more and more like a "real" littler person. lol

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