Sunday, January 22, 2012


*Jacob came up with the name for this post. lol

Our nursery is coming along nicely.... today we put the crib together!  The crib was a hand-me-down from Jacob's brother, who has two kids of his own.  Once we got all of the pieces to our place (thanks to J's mom) we made a run to the hardware store and set to work!

Scout trying to be helpful

Taking a break for a little lovin' =)

Kitty in a cage

Jacob getting some "practice"

I was a little worried about the whole construction process.... since it didn't come with any instructions and I didn't know what we were doing.  But Jacob had it down... I really need to learn to trust his ability to do some stuff. ;)

Now that we have the crib, we were able to arrange the furniture (which we are pretty much done accumulating) and now I can focus on the fun stuff... decorating!

(P.S.  It's REALLY weird having a crib in our house... lol)

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