Sunday, January 1, 2012

Ringing in 2012

I have never had much of a "party-er" type of personality, but this year our low-key New Year's Eve celebration hit an all time low... as far as social activity/celebration goes.  We rang in the new year with a game of Scrabble... which I lost. lol  We couldn't even watch the ball drop in Time Square because our TV was being cranky and refused to let us get any channel in that televised the events (we are one of the few households in the country, I think, that still don't have cable).

(Dec. 31st also marked our one year anniversary of actually moving into our new home! We've done SOO much in the last year, it's kind of hard to believe!)

While the evening was pretty mellow, our day was productive... we started work on the nursery!

Jacob and I have had the paint color picked out for awhile now, and I purchased the fabric for the curtains several weeks ago.  Jacob also go some help moving all of the office furniture out of the room and into our guest room (so now we have a combo office/guest room), but we were waiting for a "free" weekend to start the painting.  Friday night I asked Jacob if he thought this weekend would be a good one to paint.  Surprisingly, he said sure and even called in his "helpers"  (parents and aunt) who had mentioned that they wanted to help out with the project.  So, yesterday morning we went to Home Depot, used some of your Christmas gift card balance and bought some paint.  Jacob, his parents and his aunt painted the nursery (here's what it looked like before) while I worked on sewing the curtains.  By the end of the day, we had our "finished"* product!


And there goes some color!

And the paint is up!

And now for my curtain creations!

Curtain pattern close up

Finishing touches (c/o xmas gift exchange!)

I'm really happy with the way the color turned out.  It's a little more "sea foam-y" than the green that we were going for, but it looks nice and it goes will with our curtain fabric, so I'm happy.  Now I'm just antsy to start getting some baby furniture in there so I can start decorating!

*I say "final" product because the curtains weren't really done until this morning.  After doing all of the sewing and ironing last night, we hung the curtains and I saw that there was a big spot on the center panel.  I looked like a wet spot, but wasn't wet... maybe a grease/oil spot of some sort?  So, I threw the panel in the laundry to try to get the spot out... and it shrunk!  I know that I should have washed the fabric before I sewed the curtains, but I gave myself extra length/width as a "just in case" measure... but I didn't know that the muslin would shrink almost 6 inches in length!!  I was NOT happy.  And, to top it all off, the spot didn't even come out!  =P  So, this morning I took some pre-washed fabric left over from my Christmas table cloth sewing project and made a replacement panel.  It is now hang up over the window and looking fabulous. =)

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