Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Name Game

Jacob and I have a name picked out... we've had one picked out from the very beginning.  In fact, I have had a list of baby names for YEARS that I couldn't wait to pick from. lol  Thankfully, Jacob is not overly picky/opinionated on the subject and liked my suggestions.  We had a name picked out for a boy, and one for a girl.  Now that we know we're having a girl, I'm happy to be able to think about her name in relation to her... rather than just a "future possibility".  (Jacob has a hard time remembering what it's going to be though.... lol... I told him that he better figure out a way to remember before we get to the hospital!)

Here's the thing though... we're not telling anyone the name.  Why?  No, I'm not worried that someone's going to "steal" it, but, rather, I don't want any feedback on it.  I don't want people telling me, "I know someone named ..., she was...".  I don't want to associate the name that I love with other people's preconceived notions on personality... I already get that enough with the due date.  (It's kind of amazing to me how many people around here actually know something about astronomy... I never even thought about it).  I also don't want to hear people's opinions on the name or get other "suggestions" as to what might sound better.  Once she is here, and the name is on the birth certificate, I believe that other people will be less likely to throw in their two cents (I kind of wish sometimes that I would have taken this approach to wedding planning, too, and just not told anyone anything about it until it was planned and done! lol)

Another reason that I'm a little leery about telling the name ahead of time is because I don't want one of these things to happen(P.S.  HUGE Friends fan.... I can relate a Friends scene/episode to pretty much ANY life situation. lol)

Before I was born my  mother was certain that my name was going to be Krista... and she told everyone.  Well, guess what?  I'm not a "Krista", and I don't want to run the risk of getting baby gear with our chosen name all over it only to decide at the last minute to go with something else! lol

So, the name is staying a secret.  But don't worry... there's only 12 more weeks to wait!



Lauren said...

Oh, I think people will comment on names no matter when you announce it. We actually never had an issue with anyone putting in their two cents negatively when we announced the boys' names early, but then again there isn't a lot you can do against Josh and Ben. Now if I was going to name a little girl Ayleviah (yes, their actual spelling of the name Olivia) then I might not tell anyone until it was official on the birth certificate. And sorry if I just made fun of your chosen baby name. ;)

Brittney said...

Many years ago I told my mother my list of baby girl names... she called them "hippy names". I'm scarred. =)

SG to SP said...

We kept our baby name a secret for all the same reasons, also because it was fun torturing our parents by making them wait :) and it was fun for my husband to be able to announce the name after he was born since everyone already knew the sex. Best decision ever and we'll do it again if we have another. Also, thankfully we've gotten a lot of really good feedback on his name since his birth.

Jennifer Williams said...

You're mom is also the pickiest name person I have ever met. I heard she cried when she heard Satori's name.. lol! and I can't wait. It's killing me. :)