Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Belly Photos!

Back in July Jacob and I participated in a Relay for Life event in Eugene.  Part of the fundraising at the walk was a silent auction.  One of the prizes was a family photo shoot.  I bid on it, thinking that it would be a cool gift for my parents to get some photos of our whole, HUGE and growing family.  However, after I won the auction (yay!) I soon realized how difficult it was to get 4 siblings, each with a significant other, and one child (whose parents split custody) in the same place, at the same time, and NOT on a nationally recognized holiday.  It is near impossible.
Then, about a month later, we found out that soon our family would be growing as well.  So, my focus for the photo shoot changed for "my family" to "our family".  I contacted to the photographer to see if she would be willing to wait about 6 months to do a maternity shoot.  She agreed..  And so, last month, we finally met for some shots... but little did I know at the time that I would actually get TWO maternity shoots!

Here are so photos from our session with Kallee Alise Photography, taken on the University or Oregon campus one dreary day in February:

After this shoot (and the maternity session that I personally photographed), I realized that, while I was sure these photos were going to turn out nicely, I wanted some that were a little more "intimate" than anything that I would get outside on a cold day in a public place.  So, I contacted another photographer who regularly sets up in-home studio sessions.  I don't know how I found Erin at EB Photography, but I know that I've had her website bookmarked for awhile.  And, since I'd paid for the other shoot last July, it didn't really FEEL like I was paying for two photo sessions... so.... we decided to go for it!

Erin came out to our home a couple of weeks after our outdoor shoot to take some casual photos of us hanging out around the house in our PJs. =)  It was definitely the first time I've greeted a visitor in my pajamas (on purposes!) since I was about 8! lol  And we are VERY happy with the shots that she was able to get!

In a few weeks I'll have some photos to show you via Erin.. however, as we're not revealing the name yet, these photos will have to wait! ;)  Only 4 weeks until d-date though! =)

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