Friday, March 2, 2012

Invasion of the Body Snatchers! Part 2

This is how I felt last night...

I was lying in bed last night and noticed this weird hard spot just above my belly button.  So, naturally, I started to play with it... and it kicked back!  I thought that was pretty weird/odd/funny so I made Jacob do it, too. lol  Only, this time, instead of kicking back, I could feel the little person inside of me completely shift her position, and poke me REALLY hard on my right side.  I jerked and, involuntarily moved my hand to the pained area, only to discover a GIANT lump poking out of the side of stomach!

My response:  "Oh My GOD!"  and pulled my hand away in horror (Jacob is still making fun of me almost 24 hours later for it).  Jacob then felt whatever it was (knee?  elbow?) and was able to "massage" the extended appendage back into the roundness of my stomach.

Freakiest damn thing EVER! lol  It's so weird that the end is getting so close that I'm now able to feel body parts!

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