Tuesday, March 20, 2012


Two Fridays ago Jacob woke up feeling like shit. 

I KNOW that he was feeling horrible because he called in sick to work.  He NEVER calls in sick/admits that he's sick.  He was sick all weekend and called in to work M-Thur of last week.  All week i did my best to distance myself from him.  We both got a little lonely.  =(  But, I made it through the week and was feeling ok.  I thought that I'd lucked out and beat it.

And then Saturday morning I woke up and had no more illusions that my immune system was that of a God.  I was sick. But, like my husband, I have a hard time admitting it/sitting around and doing nothing.  So, I tried to be productive over the weekend... maybe a good idea, maybe not, I don't know.  But it's day four and I still feel gross... more gross last night/today than I've felt since Saturday.  I hope and pray that 1) it gets better quickly, and 2) I don't go into labor... I can't even IMAGINE doing that while dealing with this!

What sucks more (in my mind) than feeling gross right now, is knowing that I am going through my "sick time" at work right now... meaning that, when I actually do go on my maternity leave in a few weeks, that I won't have as much time saved up, hence, won't be able to "bring in" as much money to help the household expenses while I'm out.  I feel like karma bit me in the butt... and I don't understand why, 'cause I'm a good person! lol

Being sick while pregnant is a whole different can of worms, too.  I don't think that I've slept for more than 2-3 hours in a stretch since Saturday.  I either can't get comfortable, can't breathe, wake up coughing/snoring, or have to pee... and not usually all at the same time.  Which means it goes: Can't breathe, can't fall asleep.  Need to pee... get up.  Get back into bed, can't get comfortable: leg cramp.  Lie there for an hour throwing a tiny temper tantrum, need to pee again.  Come back to bed.  Finally fall asleep.  Wake up coughing.  Need to pee. Get up and the whole cycle starts over again.

I'm so tired...

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Lauren said...

I gave birth to B with a nasty head cold, but honestly when it came down to the major stuff, a head cold didn't matter with all the other stuff my body was doing. Hope you feel better soon.