Monday, March 19, 2012

Old Fashion

You may call me old fashioned, but, I don't trust the Internet.  I don't trust that 30 years from now it's still going to "exist" and that everything that I've written on my various blogs will be preserved for myself and future generations to have access to.  I much prefer the old school version of written content storage... books! =)  So, for the past couple of years I have been using the website Blog2Print to turn a year's worth of blog into a bound book. 

I LOVE it!  I feel like it's a great value for my money and will be around "forever".  I've already gone back through some of the older entries in nostalgia. =)

This morning I got an e-mail letting me know that the website is having a 15% of sale until March 23rd, so I wanted to pass this news along to all of you in case you are interested.  Simply put in couple code: simplysave15

I hope someone takes advantage of this.  I really have been happy with my experiences with the company!

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Meghan C said...

I've been wanting to do this! Thanks for passing on the info :-)