Thursday, October 20, 2011

10 Weeks

(This is one of a series of scheduled posts that I've written since I found out that Jacob and I were expecting our first child.  The original composition date is included below).

Sept 20:

Size of baby: According to, baby's about the size of a red grape!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Eh…. I’d rather not talk about it. lol

Maternity Clothes: Still fitting in my regular clothes… hopefully for awhile yet!

Gender: 50% chance of either! =)

Movement: Nope.

What I miss: “Morning” sickness.  I know it sounds weird, but I have been feeling pretty good lately, and it makes me nervous that something is wrong. lol

Sleep: I sleep like a rock when I sleep… but I’m up at least once (if not twice) a night to use the bathroom.

Symptoms: I had some indigestion today… but I don’t know if that was pregnancy related or not.

Cravings: Not really a craving, but I am LOVING all things carb.

Best Moment this week: Not pregnancy related, but getting your ivy-tear-down/fence project started!

What I am looking forward to: Doing more work on our fence.  We hope to have it done/done by the end of next weekend!

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