Saturday, October 15, 2011

7 Weeks

(This is one of a series of scheduled posts that I've written since I found out that Jacob and I were expecting our first child.  The original composition date is included below).

Aug. 30: 7 Weeks

Size of baby: According to, he/she's about the size of a blue berry.  I read this a few days ago, and then, unexpected had blueberries for lunch… it was a little awkward. lol

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I think I’m up about 3 pounds.  It’s hard to tell… I’ve fluctuated by a couple of pounds up and down for months.

Maternity Clothes: Still several weeks off from this… I hope!  Though, I did try on my bridesmaid’s dress for my brother’s wedding in October… it’s tight, not gonna lie.  I think it’s because the extra weight has all happened in my chest!  Makes it very hard to close a zipper!

Gender: I know what I feel/hope it is… but I’m not tellin’!

Movement: Way too early I think.

What I miss: TMI aleart… being able to poop. Lol  This is has been my biggest/most life effecting symptom so far.

Sleep: Sleeping like a rock… until I have to pee. =P

Symptoms: Still a little dizzy in the mornings, but have switched up my schedule so that I eat breakfast first thing… that seems to help.  Also a little nauseous… but more “pre-scary-carnival-ride” nauseous than post. ;)   Also have been absolutely EXHAUSTED!  I spent all of last weekend lying around with no energy to do anything.

Cravings: Food, food and more food.  I’m hungry ALL the time!

Best Moment this week: Starting to actually FEEL pregnant.  I think I’ve been in denial, but the symptoms are finally starting to make it feel real!

(P.S.  I hate the word “symptoms”… makes it sound like a disease!  What other word can I use?)

What I am looking forward to: Telling my parents and brothers!  We’re going to go down this weekend (Labor Day) to visit and I’m going to tell them.  Funny side note: I’m actually at my parents right now writing this… but Jacob wasn’t able to come down (I’m here in the middle of the week for a bridal shower), so I need to keep it a secret… so hard!


Heather said...

It definitely must have been so hard keeping the secret! I know I'm going to have a hard time with that when it's my turn, too.

Meghan C said...

I love your comment about the blueberries!

Lauren said...

I love your 'tmi' alerts. Seriously all privacy goes out the window when you get pregnant. If you ever want to discuss the nitty gritty of pregnancy or labor (why did no one ever tell me that it's common to poo during labor????!!!) just let me know. ;) I have no shame having gone through it twice now.