Tuesday, October 25, 2011

14 Weeks

(This is one of a series of scheduled posts that I've written since I found out that Jacob and I were expecting our first child.  The original composition date is included below).

Oct 18:

Size of baby: According to babyzone.com, baby’s about the size of a lemon!

Total Weight Gain/Loss: Haven't weighed myself this week... and I'm ok with that.  Especially since I ate a LOT of pizza yesterday... and then cried at the TV.  Yup.  I'm pregnant. =P

Maternity Clothes: No real bump yet to have to dress...

Gender: 50% chance of either! =)

Movement:  Nothing yet.  I think I still have a few weeks until anything is supposed to happen...?

What I miss: Daylight.  This whole getting-dark-earlier, getting-light-later thing is messing with me.

Sleep:  Sleeping ok... but I've had a cold for the last week, so it's been a constant struggle between waking up having to pee, or having to blow my nose or cough.

Symptoms: I'm doing ok.  I get these weird little cramps every now and then, and I don't know whether to blame it on baby or gas! lol

Cravings: No real cravings.  Unless you count that last night anything warm and bready sounded good to me.

Best Moment this week: Let everyone at work in on the news.  I sent out an all agency e-mail with the subject line:  Not (just) eating a lot of cake.  =)

What I am looking forward to: Finally starting to think/plan about baby stuff.  I didn't really let myself think/talk about it much during the first trimester (fear), but now I'm starting to feel more confident in the whole thing.

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SG to SP said...

Those little cramps are probably round ligament pain and totally normal. I think I started to feel the first "bubbles" around week 16 or 17 so you should feel them in the next few weeks!!