Friday, February 4, 2011

Day Four: A Night on the Town

A Picture of Your Night
It all started when I sent Jacob a text message on my way home from work:

I look cute today... I wish I had plans

His response?

Well, first his response was:   
Is that a hint or just a wish?

When I clarified that it was just a wish, he told me:  
Well plan something then.

So, I did! =)

After several text messages to friends, and doing a little exploring on line, I finally landed on something that I thought may be fun and wallet-friendly:  

(No, this is not exactly a picture of MY night, but I didn't take any photos... and this was just too cute to pass up!)

There is this family friendly pool hall near our place that Jacob and I have been to once before a couple years back, so we thought we'd try that place out.  We planned to meet a couple of friends there and were on our way.

We got to the place, got out of the car, went up to the door... it was locked.  And the place was empty!  (Meaning no tables, no concession stand, no video games... nothing).  We made a quick call to his friend to see if he had any other pool hall suggestions; after a quick google search we had a new place and headed that direction.

I am, by no means, GOOD at pool... but I still had a good time.  I really enjoy being able to just get out and socialize with people (I'm much more the butterfly than Jacob... if it was up to him we'd stay at home all the time).  We played 7 games and got snacks for about $20... not a bad deal at all!  Unfortunately Jacob and I did not come out as the victors, but we didn't do too bad (3-4).

What are some low-cost social activities that you all like to do?  I need some ideas!  Especially since I now have a mortgage payment to to think about!


Lauren said...

Hikes and picnics!

Holly said...

We borrow movies from the local library because they're free and we just watch them on the computer because we decided not to have a TV. There's actually a decent selection at the library and we can borrow from any of the regional libraries, too. Additionally, one of the theaters in Salem has a free stage show every few months, so we always keep our eye out for those. So far we've seen a military band and a Chinese opera, both of which were well done. Sign up for e-mail updates from a local place like that or watch their website.