Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Ten: Update!!

This morning I was lying in bed and suddenly remembered a funny story from my childhood! (I do my best thinking in bed... unfortunate for my sleep sometimes!).  So, I thought I'd share. =)

Scene:  Sitting around the dinner table with my family.  I'm about 4 at this point, so my family only consists of my mom, dad, and brother Rob.  We are eating something that requires ketchup and my mother, who is sitting directly across the table from me, is having a hell of a time getting the cap off the ketchup bottle.  There is some problem with the suction or something, and she's struggling.  But, finally, she manages to break through the seal and get the cap off.  Air rushes into the bottle, and ketchup rushes OUT.  I don't mean just quickly onto her plate.  I mean PROJECTILE... right into MY FACE and all over the curtains behind me.

Everyone is silent, staring at me.  My face is covered in ketchup.  I'm more surprised that I've ever been in my life and have no idea how to react.  After a moment everyone breaks out of their shock, I start to bawl while everyone else starts to laugh hysterically.

Today I can look back and realize just how hilarious the situation was (and kinda wish my parents had a video camera as I'm sure we could have won a few thousand bucks from that! lol)

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