Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Day Nine: C'est la Vie!

Talk About a Regret You Have
I don't look at any part of my past as being "regretful".  I have always  been the type of person that would do what I put my mind to... so there aren't many things in life that I have wanted to do and didn't.  And all the crappy choices I've made over the years have lead to me to where I am now... and where I am now is happy, so I can't complain!

Sure, there's a few times in my life where I wish I would have listened to my gut a little sooner, or made the opposite choice of the one that I made... but everything worked out in the end and who knows where I'd be now if I'd taken the other "path"?

There is one thing though that I never did that I wish I would have.  I suppose this could count as a "regret" (maybe my one and only), and I think about this often... 

I never did a study abroad program in high school or college.  I do feel like I missed out a bit.  

I absolutely LOVE to travel!  But, when I was in college studying French and the opportunity arose I allowed money and a romantic relationship to get in my way... and I really wish I wouldn't have.  

But, like I said before.  I am somewhere/someone I love now, and who knows what would have happened had I jetted off to Europe for a year? =)

Do any of you have "regrets"?  Or maybe something about study abroad programs that would make me feel better about not doing it? ;)

P.S.  I did get a chance to travel to Europe... but only for a couple weeks.  I hope to some day go back!

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