Saturday, February 5, 2011

Wedding Crashers

We had wedding crashers.

I guess getting married on a public beach we should have expected it-- but, the beach that we chose is not a big touristy spot.  Jacob and I have been there together several times before (his parents own a beach house just down the street), and we have rarely seen more than a handful of people down there at any given time.  So, I was a bit shocked at what we found on "our" day.

First off, the day of the rehearsal and dinner there was another wedding going on!  We were able to split the "park" area ok and continue on with our plans, but I just thought it was a little funny. =)  And then, the party got "crashed" by a para-glider... quite literally.

(Guest Photo)

Toward the end of the evening we noticed this guy starting to get closer and closer to the ground... and we heard some sputtering.  He had to make an unexpected landing on our beach... Jacob ended up driving him back to his take off point.

The experiences at the rehearsal really was just a foreshadowing of what was to come.

The next afternoon when my girls and I headed down to the beach before the ceremony for our photos, I was stunned at how many people were down there just wandering around the beach.  I had SEVERAL dogs walk past me that I prayed would not raise a leg. lol  I also noticed that the ceremony site had been slightly moved to another spot on the beach than the one we'd agreed on the night before.  I found out later that Jacob had made the decision to do this as some late-night beach dwellers the night before had made a fire pit out of our alter area.

When it was time for the actual ceremony, I was shocked to find the number of people on the beach had almost doubled (or, at least, it seemed that way), AND someone had done THIS at the beginning of our "aisle":

(Guest Photo)

Yup... big-ass picnic celebration... and they just happened to get front row seats to the ceremony. lol  I could have gotten all bridezilla about it, but I just thought it was kind of funny.

More ceremony-crashers... see those people behind us up at the lookout point?  (Guest Photo)

Our final set of crashers showed up at the reception, late into the evening.  Jacob and I had just said our goodbyes and were heading out of the room, when a man and woman stopped us in the hallway heading toward the banquet room.  The told us that they were planning on coming up and buying the bride and groom a drink, and asked if they could join our party because we had better music/DJ than the bar area downstairs.  We told them that we were headed out for the night, but to go ahead and enjoy the party while it was still going.

Several months later, while I was putting the finishing touches on one of our wedding albums/guestbook, I re-read through all the notes that our friends and family had left for us, and found one that I must have overlooked before:

We did not invite a Jasmine or a John... so my guest is that this came from those two late-night wedding crashers. lol  I love it!  An awesome little memento of our wacky wedding weekend experiences. =)

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