Monday, February 7, 2011

Day Seven: Not Worth it if it's Not Comfortable!

Describe the Style you had 10 Years Ago
Hmm... I think this would have been a much more interesting post had the question been 15 or 20 years ago (elementary/middle school era was a lot more humiliating than high school for me in terms of my fashion sense).  

Ten years ago I was 18, a senior in high school.  My style could best be described as "comfortable".  I pretty much lived in jeans (I still do... when I got my current job and was told that I needed to dress business-y I had to run out and buy several new pairs of pants).  I was no longer in the screen print t-shirt stage (I gave that up when I entered high school), so it was pretty much just any comfortable, non-t-shirty top that I could find and a pair of blue jeans, with a zipper hoodie on cold days.  Occasionally I would want to get girly and I'd wear a skirt or something, but that didn't happen very often.   Here are some photos that I gathered from my late high school/early college days... like I said... nothing too embarrassing. =)

I'm the blonde on the right... we all stuck together back then. lol

Junior Prom.  I had a white boa too... I loved it! =)  Interesting side note, the necklace I'm wearing here is the same one I ended up wearing for the wedding... I just noticed that...

Blonde on the left this time. =)

See?  Not very interesting.  In all actuality, my style hasn't really changed that much.  I"m buying clothes that fit a little better, and stealing accessory/fashion ideas from people I see on the streets (who aren't TOO over the top.. think scarf as accessory and boots over skinny jeans... OMG, right? lol), but my daily wardrobe still consists of comfortable clothing that occasionally makes me feel girly. =)

Have your styles changed dramatically over the last 10 years?

P.S.  I need a new 'do and I'm thinking about cutting my bangs back (again... I've thought about this frequently)... what do you all think? =)


Jillreigh said...

I was the same as you 10 years ago. Jeans everyday. High school was definitely not about being the best dressed for me.

Bangs? Hmmm... I like the pictures of you with no bangs. Although some longer side swept bangs might look pretty darn cute.

Holly said...

Yes, my style has changed over the last 10 years (as I can notice from the photos, too!) I really limit how much I wear jeans and I enjoy dressing more professionally nowadays. It's fun to look at the photos from high school. :-)

Anonymous said...

My new clothes are ten years old. You get that sewing machine yet?