Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Valentine's Day *Surprise*

I know it's been over a week since I wrote about the surprise date that Jacob was taking me on, and I apologize... But now I have a free moment and thought I'd finally share. =)

First we went out to dinner, then we parked our car at the mall and hopped on the light rail.  Jacob led me to believe that we were going downtown.  I thought for sure that we were going to go to a concert and was racking my brain to try to remember if anyone I knew was in town.  I was not coming up with anything.  Then, suddenly, three stops later Jacob finally got up and said "this is us!".  We hadn't even crossed the bridge into downtown yet!  I was even more confused when we headed to the Rose Quarter.  I still didn't know what we were doing as we entered the arena... all I knew was that there were a lot of kids and families there, and Jacob was hiding the tickets.

Then I saw a t-shirt vendor, and right then I knew what was going on... and I was pretty excited! =)

Monster Jam 2011! LOL

I'm not your average girlie girl.  I love off the wall things like monster truck shows, rodeos, hockey, etc.  I had mentioned to Jacob a few months back that I wouldn't mind going to another show (I'd been to one several years ago when I was in college).  It was fun (LOUD, but fun) and we definitely broke several of our low-cal/no-eating-out February rules (I definitely had a big plate of ball park nachos with the WORKS!  It was yummy).

This grandma cracked me up.  She was there with her large family, with her sequined hat and beer... and lots of dancing and cheering! =)

Go Grandma!

One thing that was new to me was this fire breathing, car eating monster (the had a jet-powered golf cart, too, but my hands were full of deliciously bad for me nachos so I wasn't able to take any photos).

It was a great pre-Valentine's Day. =)

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