Saturday, February 12, 2011

Day Twelve: I Am Me

(This is post is pre-scheduled... currently on my surprise date! Woo!)

How Do You Think Others View You?
Unfortunately I know how others view me, or, at least, SOME others.  Let me explain.

I am a somewhat shy person when I'm around people I don't know and/or don't feel comfortable with.  I don't talk much, I'm more the "observe and assess type".  And, I've been told, my "neutral" facial expression looks kind of sad.  Problem is, that these elements do not seem to express SHY to onlookers... but rather STUCK UP.

When I was in middle/high school, the kids on the bus used to call me stuck up all the time.  And, of course, being the non-confrontational person that I am, I would just ignore them... which, of course, added to their "stuck up" perception of me.  Part of my boss's critiques for me in my one-year evaluation this winter at my current job was a similar comment--worded a lot nicer--but still the same meaning.

I try hard to be outwardly friendly (most of the time I don't know that I'm NOT).  I've gotten a lot better at putting myself out there since I was a preteen, and I get an A+ at acting it for people that I'm NOT around all the time (I have lots of retail experience... it comes in handy for this sort of thing).  But I can't ALWAYS act... thus I relax, and come across as stuck up.

It often seems like I'm being asked to change for other people... which kind of bothers me a bit.  But, alas, I'm trying.

Does anyone else out there have similar experiences?  Or even do people judge/mis-perceive who you are on a regular basis?

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Jillreigh said...

Are we twins? I am the exact same way!! I'm a very quiet person, especially in front of new people, but instead of having a sad face like you, I apparently have a mad face. In fact one of my now bff's thought I hated him the first time we met.

It seems that no matter how hard I do try to change, I still come across this way. Although I am much better since high school. Oh well... I'd rather be that than the person that doesn't shut up when first meeting.